Lummetry LENS+ is our state-of-the-art AI predictive analytics solution designed for the retail industry but applicable for any industry with large number of clients, products or services (e.g. banking vertical, distribution & logistics horizontal, a.s.o.).

   Our Latent-insights Entity analysis Neural System uses the latest Deep Learning approaches in order to create advanced knowledge graphs that act as a radiography of the analyzed business.

Key features

Demand & Sales forecasting based on complex non-linear patterns

Predictive stock replenishment and impact of custom actions

Identify customer needs changes and construct data-driven automatic insights

What inspired us to create LENS

   Every business starts out with a desire to succeed in the market and expand their company, but in doing so it becomes more and more important to organize the information and resources available. All that data, gathered over several months or years, is pure potential for insights, predictions and business optimization ideas.

   We wanted to help companies by giving them a fresh perspective on what actions they could take to increase sales and better understand the dynamic of their customers. 

   Our Deep Learning models process your data in order to identify customer and sale patterns, store statistics, stock predictions and maps out the product relationships between each other.

0 years
sales history data needed before predicting
Maximum number of products on a store map